What is another word for tell off?

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The phrase "tell off" refers to scolding or rebuking someone for their behavior or actions. There are several synonyms for this expression available in the English language. One such expression is "reprimand," which means to formally scold someone for doing something wrong. Another synonym for "tell off" is "rebuke," which refers to criticizing someone for their bad behavior. The word "chastise" is also a synonym for "tell off," which typically implies a more serious and severe form of criticism or reprimand. "Scold" and "admonish" are also synonyms for "tell off," with each expressing a degree of disapproval or irritation towards the person being scolded.

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    When we tell someone off, we express our disapproval or anger by verbalizing our feelings to them. The most common words we use to tell someone off are "Shut up!" "Get out!" "Don't talk to me!" "You're a jerk!" "Get lost!" "I'm not going to do this with you!" and "I HATE YOU!" A tell off usually lasts no more than a few minutes, but the feeling of having been communicated with in that way can stay with the person for quite some time.

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