What is another word for extol?

Pronunciation: [ɛkstˈə͡ʊl] (IPA)

Extol is a verb that means to praise highly, and there are several synonyms that can be used to express a similar sentiment. Some of these synonyms for extol might include compliment, laud, applaud, commend, celebrate, hail, glorify, and eulogize. These words all convey the idea of giving high praise, but they may have slightly different connotations depending on the context they are used in. For example, eulogize might imply a more formal, ceremonial type of praise, while hail might suggest a more enthusiastic, informal type of praise. Regardless of the word choice, all of these synonyms convey the idea of expressing admiration and appreciation for someone or something.

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What are the opposite words for extol?

Extol, which means to praise or eulogize, has several antonyms depending on the degree of criticism or disapproval one wishes to convey. The most common antonyms that come to mind are criticize, condemn, censure, and denounce, which are all used to express disapproval or disfavor. Other antonyms include disparage, vilify, mock, and belittle, which imply a complete lack of respect and reverence for the subject being discussed. Some opposing words such as ignore, neglect, and overlook suggest an absence of recognition or acknowledgment, while disapprove, dislike, and reject signify a strong displeasure or objection to something or someone.

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Usage examples for Extol

It was a provision that the robe should be returned and the purchase money restored if the garment was not all that was therein stipulated: with his invariable painstaking loyalty Lin had insisted upon this safeguard when he drew up the form, although, probably from a disinclination to extol his own services, he had omitted mentioning the fact to Wang Ho in their recent conversation.
"Kai Lung's Golden Hours"
Ernest Bramah Commentator: Hilaire Belloc
He would show that many creeds furnish such examples and extol renunciation, but that It must, however, always remain a spontaneous action on the part of the individual.
"The Saint"
Antonio Fogazzaro Commentator: William Roscoe Thayer
The natives, of course, extol the whole system as one of the greatest of their institutions; but I cannot understand any difference of opinion among strangers.
"Border and Bastille"
George A. Lawrence

Famous quotes with Extol

  • I find that there are few reviews that extol women as wonderful artists.
    Estelle Parsons
  • It is the fortunate who should extol fortune.
    Torquato Tasso
  • The man who willeth to do well... we should extol his virtues and speak not of his faults behind his back.
    Joseph Smith Jr.
  • Translators are like busy match-makers: they sing the praises of some half-veiled beauty, and extol her charms, and arouse an irresistible longing for the original.
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • My Soul gave me good counsel, teaching me never to delight in praise or to be distressed by reproach. Before my Soul taught me, I doubted the value of my accomplishments until the passing days sent someone who would extol or disparage them. But now I know that trees blossom in the spring and give their fruits in the summer without any desire for accolades. And they scatter their leaves abroad in the fall and denude themselves in the winter without fear of reproof.
    Khalil Gibran

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