What is another word for tell on?

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[ tˈɛl ˈɒn], [ tˈɛl ˈɒn], [ t_ˈɛ_l ˈɒ_n]

Synonyms for Tell on:

How to use "Tell on" in context?

One of the harshest words that a person can utter to someone is "tell on." The implication is to betray someone in some way, perhaps by tattling to a teacher, a friend or a parent. For some, the act of tattling is a way to correct wrongdoing, for others it is simply a way to protect themselves. No matter the motivation, telling on someone is never easy.

The act of tattling can have a snowball effect and soon becomes an exercise in tattling on everyone. Telling on someone always breeds mistrust and destroys camaraderie.

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