What is another word for tell on?

Pronunciation: [tˈɛl ˈɒn] (IPA)

The phrase "tell on" refers to reporting someone's misbehavior or wrongdoing to a person of authority. Synonyms for this phrase include "rat on," "tattle," "inform," "betray," "snitch," "tell tales," and "blab." These words all convey a sense of someone breaking a confidence or trust, often for personal gain or to avoid repercussions for their own actions. The word choice may vary depending on the context, with "inform" and "betray" being more formal and neutral, while "rat on" and "snitch" carry more negative connotations. Regardless of the word used, "telling on" someone can have serious consequences and should be approached thoughtfully and ethically.

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The term "tell on" generally refers to exposing someone or revealing something that they would rather remain hidden. While there are no direct antonyms for this specific phrase, some words that convey the opposite meaning include "conceal," "cover up," "hide," "withhold," "keep quiet," and "protect." These words are often used to signify a desire to keep information private or to avoid causing harm to someone else by betraying their trust or revealing embarrassing details. While "tell on" is typically used in a negative context, its antonyms can be used positively to indicate a sense of trust, loyalty, and discretion.

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Famous quotes with Tell on

  • So I feel that this is an encouragement to other writers in the region to persist in the their work, even if they feel that what they are doing is not popular, because in the long run it may tell on their behalf.
    Wilson Harris
  • Well, it's hard to tell on the basis of the rhetoric, after all they're running for state office, but my experience is that people who are in the Libertarian Party have pretty decent anarchist impulses, even if they do not say they are anarchists—most of them will say they are libertarians, at any rate.
    Karl Hess

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