What is another word for the above?

Pronunciation: [ðɪ əbˈʌv] (IPA)

"The above" is a commonly used phrase in various forms of writing, including academic papers, emails, and reports. It refers to the content or information presented above the current point in the text. However, it is often overused and can become repetitive. To enhance the readability of your writing and avoid redundancy, you can use synonyms for "the above." Some alternatives include "preceding information," "earlier mentioned," "the preceding," "aforementioned," "prior text," "previous section," or "precedent material." By varying your word choice, you can make your writing more concise and engaging for the reader.

Synonyms for The above:

What are the hypernyms for The above?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.
  • Other hypernyms:

    the aforementioned, the mentioned, the preceding, the previously stated.

What are the opposite words for the above?

The phrase "the above" refers to something mentioned or displayed earlier in a text or conversation. The antonyms for "the above" would be "the below" or "the following." These terms would be used when referring to something that comes after the initial reference point. For example, if the above paragraph mentioned a specific topic, the below paragraph would mention a separate topic that comes after it. These terms are useful for clarification and organization, as they allow the reader or listener to easily follow the sequence of information being presented.

What are the antonyms for The above?

Famous quotes with The above

  • Well, you have the public not wanting any new spending, you have the Republicans not wanting any new taxes, you have the Democrats not wanting any new spending cuts, you have the markets not wanting any new borrowing, and you have the economists wanting all of the above. And that leads to paralysis.
    Michael Bloomberg
  • The average estimate themselves by what they do, the above average by what they are.
    Charles Edwards
  • In the early centuries of Islam, the great schools of Islamic jurisprudence were built upon the above principles. Basic to all their legal systems they developed the doctrine that liberty is the fundamental basis of law.
    Aly Khan
  • Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it.
    Donald Knuth
  • Indeed, as the above calculation indicates, to take full advantage of the memory space available, the ultimate laptop must turn all its matter into energy.
    Seth Lloyd

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