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The word original refers to something that is unique and not copied or borrowed from some other source. When it comes to synonyms, original has quite a few. Some common alternatives include authentic, first-generation, innovative, one-of-a-kind, fresh, virgin, spontaneous, and creative. Some other noteworthy synonyms include avant-garde, ground-breaking, individual, unconventional, inventive, imaginative, and pioneering. Each of these synonyms captures a slightly different aspect of what makes something original, but they all convey the idea of something that is unique, distinct, and created from scratch rather than being influenced by existing patterns or conventions.

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Originality is often mistaken for innovation, but the two concepts are distinctly different. When it comes to creativity, originality is all about taking existing ideas and concepts and turning them on their heads. It's the lens through which an idea or product is viewed, and it's what allows for new developments and progress. By comparison, innovation is the process of creating something new from scratch. It's about coming up with a new idea or concept, turning it into a reality, and seeing it come to life.

While there is no one definitive definition of originality, it can generally be described as something that is completely new, unique, and innovative.

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