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Copy is a widely used term that describes the process of replicating or duplicating something. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe this action. One is duplicate, which means to produce an exact replica of something. Another synonym is imitate, which is commonly used in the context of creating a work that is similar to an existing one. Recreate, on the other hand, is a synonym used to describe the process of replicating something that has been lost or damaged. Reproduce is also a synonym used to describe the process of creating a copy of an original work, document, or object. Overall, knowing these synonyms for copy can help add variety to writing and communication by providing alternatives to reusing the same word over and over again.

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Copy is an often-overlooked but crucial skill for any writer. As a copywriter, I've come to appreciate copy for what it does and why it matters, especially when it comes to creating email lists.

Copy guides your reader down a unique, engaging path. It has to be usable, digestible, and persuasive. It has to be on-brand for your business, and on target as an individual message. It has to be human-readable, and it has to be memorable.

Copywriting is all about connecting with your reader on an individual level and understanding their needs and wants.

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