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Thespian is a term that is used to describe a person who is involved in the theatrical arts. However, there are a number of synonyms for the word thespian that can be helpful to know. For example, the term actor is a common synonym for thespian. Other synonyms that can be used include performer, thesp, artist, and stage artist. Additionally, the term dramatist can also be used to describe someone who is involved in creating or performing works of drama. Whether you are an aspiring thespian or simply a lover of the arts, having a good grasp of these and other synonyms can be useful when discussing the world of theater.

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What is thespian?

Thespian is defined as a person who entertainers by performing in plays, either on stage or in movies and television productions. Historically, thespians were often played by actors of the highest caliber.

Today, thespians often use technology to help them entertain audiences. For example, some actors use motion-capture technology to create realistic characters that they then interact with in scenes. Additionally, the use of green screens allows for movie productions to take place in other locations, such as outer space.

Whether they use technology or not, all actors must be familiar with the basic skills of acting.

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