What is another word for performer?

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A performer is someone who performs in front of an audience, either as an actor, musician, singer, or any other form of entertainment. There are many synonyms for the word performer, such as artist, entertainer, actor, musician, vocalist, player, stage performer, and many more. An artist is someone who uses their creativity to create art in various forms. An entertainer is someone who provides amusement or enjoyment to people through their performance. A vocalist is someone who specializes in singing, while a player is someone who plays an instrument. In essence, all these synonyms refer to individuals who contribute to the entertainment industry by using their talent to captivate and entertain their audience.

Related words: artist, actor, singer, musician, dancer

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    An "performer" is someone who performs a skill, art, or musical work in front of an audience. They might be a singer, actor, musician, or dancer. Performing can be a very exciting experience, and it can be a very rewarding one too.

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