What is another word for time series?

Pronunciation: [tˈa͡ɪm sˈi͡əɹiz] (IPA)

When it comes to time-related data analysis, the term "time series" is often used to describe a set of observations taken at regular time intervals. However, there are several other phrases that can be used interchangeably to describe a time series. These include temporal data, chronological data, sequential data, and historic trends. Each of these phrases can be used to describe a series of data points over a given time period, providing insight into trends, patterns, and fluctuations over time. Regardless of the terminology used, the analysis of time series is a critical tool for businesses and researchers alike, allowing them to make informed decisions based on historical trends and forecasting future performance.

Synonyms for Time series:

What are the hypernyms for Time series?

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What are the hyponyms for Time series?

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  • hyponyms for time series (as nouns)

    • cognition

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