What is another word for timpani?

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[ tɪmpˈɑːnɪ], [ tɪmpˈɑːnɪ], [ t_ɪ_m_p_ˈɑː_n_ɪ]

Timpani, also known as kettle drums, are a type of percussion instrument that produces sound through the vibration of a stretched membrane. There are several synonyms for the word timpani, including orchestral drums, tympani, timps, and kettle drums. Historically, timpani have been used in orchestral music for centuries and are an integral part of many classical compositions. They are often played in pairs and can produce a range of pitches, from deep, resonant tones to higher, more ringing sounds. Timpani have also been used in modern music compositions, including jazz and rock music, and can be found in many popular songs.

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    How to use "Timpani" in context?

    The timpani is a drum that is played in the orchestra. It is made out of different materials: bronze, copper, and steel. It is taller than a human, and it has three skins that are tuned to different notes. The timpani is attached to a wooden frame, and it is played by striking the skin with a drumstick.

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