What is another word for togo?

Pronunciation: [tˈə͡ʊɡə͡ʊ] (IPA)

Togo is a well-known country located in West Africa. However, "Togo" is also a term used for different things, such as takeout meals or portable containers for food and drinks. If you're looking for synonyms for "Togo," you might want to consider using "carry-out," "take-out," "to-go," or "to take away." Other synonyms for "Togo" that may come in handy are "grab-and-go," "portable," "packaged," or "menu items for takeout." If you're getting a beverage, "Togo" can also be interchanged with "travel cup," "travel mug," or "to-go cup." These synonyms have slightly different nuances, so be sure to pick the right one for the context!

Synonyms for Togo:

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  • Reverse Entailment

    • Proper noun, singular
      togolese, togolais.

What are the hypernyms for Togo?

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  • Other hypernyms:

    African Country, African Nation, Francophone country, West African country, coastal country, lower-income country, small country.

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  • holonyms for togo (as nouns)

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Usage examples for Togo

A clever reader gave one of the Hashimura togo stories, and also the hostess had arranged some artistic tableaux in Japanese fashion.
"Entertaining Made Easy"
Emily Rose Burt
Among them were some distinguished foreigners, Prince Oyama, Prince Yamagata and Admiral togo; historians, pro-consuls, four Admirals ...
"A Novelist on Novels"
W. L. George
Seven days after I left, togo made the torpedo attack in which he sank the Czarevitch, Retvitsan and Palada.
"The Secrets of the German War Office"
Dr. Armgaard Karl Graves

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