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The word "tramp" can be substituted with different synonyms that could convey a range of meanings. It can either refer to a person who walks with heavy steps, a homeless wanderer, or someone who behaves in an unconventional manner. Some synonyms for the word tramp include hobo, vagabond, drifter, wanderer, rover, and nomad. These words describe a person who moves frequently from place to place, often without a specific destination or purpose. They are also associated with the idea of living a simple life, free from the constraints of social norms and expectations. Whatever context it is used in, any of these synonyms captures the essence of a tramp.

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The word "tramp" has a long and varied history. The original meaning of the word was "a person who travels aimlessly or for pleasure." Over time, the word has come to connote a person who is downtrodden and has difficulty obtaining a permanent foothold in life. In contemporary usage, the term often refers to a person who is homeless or has been homeless in the past.

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