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The word "step" can have a variety of synonyms depending on the context in which it is used. Some possible synonyms for "step" include stride, pace, gait, footfall, tread, and footstep. In a more figurative sense, "step" might be replaced with words like move, action, measure, or procedure. When talking about a particular phase in a process or journey, "step" could be substituted for stage, phase, or milestone. In a musical or dance context, "step" might be replaced with terms such as rhythm, beat, or move. The many synonyms for "step" provide writers and speakers with a range of options for expressing themselves in a clear and precise manner.

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"step" is an indie-pop band from Boise, Idaho. Formed in 2006, the band consists of brothers Clark and Casey Griggs, alongside drummer Tim Loveless. After self-releasing two albums and touring throughout the United States, the band signed to New West Records in early 2014. Their debut album "Step" was released in September of that year, and received positive reviews from music critics. In January of 2018, the band released their second album, "Good Days", which received even more acclaim.

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