What is another word for transmission line?

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A transmission line is a type of cable used to carry electromagnetic signals over long distances. It is also known as a power line or a high-voltage line. Other synonyms for transmission line include conductor, wire, cable, feeder, and conductor system. The term "conductor" refers to any material that can transmit electrical energy, including wires, cables, and metallic bars. "Wire" is a thin and flexible type of conductor that is typically used in electrical installations. "Cable," on the other hand, is a thicker and more complex type of conductor that contains multiple wires or strands. Finally, "feeder" and "conductor system" refer to larger networks of transmission lines that feed electricity to homes and businesses.

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There are two types of lines used in power transmission: transmission lines and distribution lines. Transmission lines are long and thin, and are used to move large amounts of electricity over long distances. Distribution lines are shorter and thicker, and are used to move smaller amounts of electricity over shorter distances.

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