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Cables are a fundamental part of our daily lives but sometimes we need to find alternative words to use instead of the same old cable. Wires, cords, and leads are just a few of the many synonyms for cable that can help us switch up our vocabulary. Other synonyms to consider include cables' neighbours in the electrical realm such as cables, coaxial cables, fibre cables, and HDMI cables. In a more general sense, we can refer to cables as wires, lines, ropes, and even strings. No matter what synonym we use for cable, these essential connectors serve a crucial role in powering up our electronic devices.

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How to use "Cable" in context?

Cable is a medium used to transmit audio, video, and data over cables. The word "cable" comes from the Latin word "cabinet," which means a container for something. The first cables were built using copper wires. Modern cables are made of many different materials, including gold and silver, to improve the signal. Cable provides a fast and reliable way to transmit information.

Cable TV was first introduced in the 1950s. At first, it was only available to people who could afford to pay for it. However, over the years, cable TV has become more affordable and available to everyone.

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      towline, cablecasting.
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  • KABLE.

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