What is another word for trimness?

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[ tɹˈɪmnəs], [ tɹˈɪmnəs], [ t_ɹ_ˈɪ_m_n_ə_s]

There are several synonyms for the word "trimness" which means neatness and elegance. "Tidiness" denotes an absence of clutter, while "smartness" suggests a well-groomed appearance. "Refinement" suggests a sense of sophistication and high culture. "Precision" implies a sense of exactness in form and structure. "Sleekness" suggests a smooth and polished surface, while "slenderness" implies a sense of grace and delicacy in form. "Gracefulness" refers to the pleasing and fluid movements of a person, while "elegance" suggests a sense of dignity and refinement. Overall, there are many synonyms to describe the quality of "trimness" - all of them capturing the essence of neatness, orderliness, and sophistication.

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    How to use "Trimness" in context?

    Most people don't really think about the trimness of their clothing when they pick it out. But, it's actually really important to pay attention to! When choosing a shirt, for example, it's important to choose one that is wide enough in the shoulders and chest but not too wide in the waist. A shirt that is too tight in the waist will look baggy on someone, and a shirt that is too wide in the shoulders and chest will look like it's about to fall off. When choosing pants, it's important to choose ones that are not too long in the inseam and not too short.

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