What is another word for turgid?

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[ tˈɜːd͡ʒɪd], [ tˈɜːd‍ʒɪd], [ t_ˈɜː_dʒ_ɪ_d]

When it comes to expressing the idea of being swollen, bloated, or pompous, the word "turgid" comes to mind. However, there are plenty of other synonyms you can use to convey the same idea in a more varied and nuanced manner. For instance, "inflated" and "bombastic" suggest an excess of words or ideas, while "swollen" and "bloated" are more concerned with physical characteristics. "Pompous," "overblown," and "pretentious" all convey a sense of self-important grandiosity. And if you're looking for a more precise or specialized alternative, you could try "logorrheic" (excessively verbose), "pleonastic" (using unnecessary words), or "hyperbolic" (exaggerated).

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How to use "Turgid" in context?

What does the word "turgid" mean?

The word "turgid" means extremely full or swollen, especially with blood or water. It can also refer to something that is dull or lacking in energy or life.

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