What is another word for bloated?

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When it comes to describing the feeling of fullness or puffiness, the word "bloated" comes to mind. However, there are plenty of other synonyms that may be more fitting to describe the sensation. Some common synonyms for "bloated" include distended, swollen, puffy, inflated, and enlarged. Each of these words carries a slightly different connotation and can be used to describe different levels of discomfort or physical appearance. Other options may include terms such as plump, corpulent, or hefty, which suggest a larger overall size or weight. When looking for a more precise word to describe the sensation of bloating, consider these alternatives.

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    The word "bloated" refers to a swollen or inflated condition, usually due to excessive fluid or gas accumulation. Some antonyms for the word "bloated" include "slim," "fit," "trim," "toned," "svelte," "lean," "streamlined," "flat," "concise," "concise," "concise." Slim refers to a physically slender and attractive appearance, while fit implies being in good health and optimal body condition. Trim and toned suggest a well-proportioned and muscular build resulting from regular exercise or active lifestyle. Svelte connotes a graceful and slender physical structure, while lean implies being thin but not weak or unhealthy. Streamlined means having a smooth and efficient design or shape, while flat and concise suggest a minimalistic or simplistic appearance or style.

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