What is another word for u-boats?

Pronunciation: [jˈuːbˈə͡ʊts] (IPA)

U-boats were the most formidable weapon deployed by the German navy during both World War I and II. These submarines posed a grave threat to the Allied forces, particularly during the early years of the wars. Over the years, several synonyms have emerged for the term 'U-boat.' For instance, they have been referred to as Unterseeboot, Unterseebooten, Unterwasserboot, and Unterwasserschiff. In addition, they were colloquially known as "Iron Coffins" due to their potential for fatal accidents. They were also called "submarine raiders," "wolf packs," or "Hunter-Killer-U-Boats." Regardless of the name, the U-boats changed the course of naval warfare forever.

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