What is another word for unclaimed?

Pronunciation: [ʌnklˈe͡ɪmd] (IPA)

The word "unclaimed" means something that is not owned or taken, which can apply to various circumstances such as property, territory, funds, or rewards. Some synonyms for "unclaimed" include "untaken," "unclaimed-ownership," "abandoned," "non-appropriated," or "unowned." Another term that can be used is "orphaned" as it describes something that is disconnected from its rightful owner. In certain contexts, "forfeited," "unredeemed," "unwon," or "unattained" can also be associated with the concept of unclaimed. It is important to note that each of these words carries its own connotation and nuance. So, before using any synonym for "unclaimed," it is important to choose wisely depending on the context and the intended message.

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What are the opposite words for unclaimed?

The word 'unclaimed' refers to something that is not owned, possessed, or taken by anyone. Its antonyms include words like 'claimed', 'owned', 'occupied', and 'taken'. These words indicate that an item, possession, or property has already been claimed or taken by someone else. The opposite of 'unclaimed' can also be expressed using phrases like 'claimed by someone', 'taken possession of', or 'occupied by someone'. Knowing the antonyms of 'unclaimed' can be useful when looking for lost or misplaced items or when determining ownership of a particular item or property.

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Usage examples for Unclaimed

The problem of hand covering was solved by Mr. Vedder, as a pair of orange-tinted gloves had been turned in at the box-office by an usher, and had remained unclaimed.
"Amarilly of Clothes-line Alley"
Belle K. Maniates
The unclaimed bodies of paupers-and there was no one to claim his-are reserved, if needed-" "I see-don't go on," said Maitland, turning rather pale, and falling back on his sofa, where he lay for a little with his eyes shut "It is all the fault of this most unlucky illness of mine," he said, presently.
"The Mark Of Cain"
Andrew Lang
My first glance revealed a column giving a list of unclaimed letters in the hands of the French Consul.
"A Top-Floor Idyl"
George van Schaick

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