What is another word for undisciplined?

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Undisciplined is a word that generally refers to someone who lacks self-control, is spontaneous, and frequently acts without any thought. Synonyms for this unflattering descriptor include uncontrolled, unbridled, wild, unrestrained, impulsive, chaotic, and reckless. When used in the context of a person, it typically describes someone who resists authoritarian control, disregards laws and regulations, and refuses to conform to typical societal norms. In contrast, when used in relation to behavior, it describes actions that are erratic, inconsistent, and can potentially be harmful to oneself or others. While some remember the term as simply being stubborn or willful, undisciplined implies far more than those traits and is often used as a measure of negative judgment.

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One of the most common criticisms of young people today is that they are undisciplined. This often stems from the belief that if a child is not disciplined, they will not learn. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are a number of factors that contribute to a child being undisciplined, some of which are environmental and some of which are within the child themselves.

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