What is another word for obedient?

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Obedient refers to being compliant with rules and commands. There are several synonyms for obedient that can be used interchangeably in various contexts. Some of the commonly used synonyms for obedient are compliant, submissive, dutiful, obedient, acquiescent, docile, and deferential. Compliant refers to being easily influenced or controlled. Submissive suggests yielding to authority or control. Dutiful refers to fulfilling one's obligations willingly. Obedient denotes willingness to comply with commands or directions. Acquiescent suggests passive acceptance or agreement. Docile implies a tendency to be easily managed or controlled. Deferential denotes a respectful and obedient attitude towards authority or superior persons. These synonyms highlight different aspects of obedience, expressing similar meanings that can be used in place of the word obedient.

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How to use "Obedient" in context?

What is obedience? obedience can be summarized as follows: conforming to the will of a superior. Obedience is often seen as a sign of respect. Obedience is often seen as a sign of dependability. Obedience often comes with a sense of duty. Obedience can be a sign of a good character.

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