What is another word for unsportsmanlike?

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Unsportsmanlike behavior can spoil any sport or game, so it's important to use the right words to describe it. Some synonyms for unsportsmanlike are unsporting, unsportsmanly, unfair, dirty, foul, cheating, sleazy, and unethical. All of these words can describe actions that violate the spirit of fair play in sports. Some common examples of unsportsmanlike behavior include taunting, trash-talking, cheating, diving, flopping, or taking cheap shots at an opponent. Whether you're a player, coach, or spectator, it's important to discourage and speak out against unsportsmanlike behavior, so that we can all enjoy sports in a fair and respectful way.

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    Sportsmanship is key in any game, but it seems to be especially important in esports. League of Legends, for example, is a game that can be very cutthroat, with teams fighting for control of the map and their opponents' strategic resources. At the same time, the game is full of strategy and positioning, which means that one team's failure to play fair can mean the entire game can be lost. So what is considered "unsportsmanlike" behavior in esports?

    Generally speaking, there are a few things that can constitute as unsportsmanlike behavior.

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