What is another word for vade mecum?

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[ vˈe͡ɪd mˈɛkəm], [ vˈe‍ɪd mˈɛkəm], [ v_ˈeɪ_d m_ˈɛ_k_ə_m]

"Vade mecum" is a Latin term used to describe a guidebook or reference manual that is carried around regularly. Synonyms for this term include "handbook," "compendium," "guide," "manual," "primer," and "reference." These words represent documents or books that contain valuable information and are often consulted frequently. Other related words include "directory," "encyclopedia," and "lexicon." Whether one is looking for information on a specific topic or simply wants to expand their knowledge, a vade mecum is a must-have. These synonyms provide a range of options for those who desire a reliable and accessible source of information.

Related words: guide, handbook, handbook of procedure, how to book, how to manual, how-to-books, how to use, user manual

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    How to use "Vade mecum" in context?

    "vade mecum" is an old Latin phrase meaning "boyfriend's guide to life." It is often shortened to "vade," and is used as a reminder to keep in mind the basics of life. Whether you are a recent college graduate just starting out on your own, or have been living on your own for some time, this list will be helpful as you explore life.

    1. Eat plenty of good food.

    2. Take care of your finances.

    3. Get plenty of sleep.

    4. Connect with people.

    5. Live a meaningful life.

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