What is another word for resource?

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When it comes to expressing the idea of resource, there are a plethora of synonyms to pick from. Some of the most popular synonyms include asset, commodity, means, provision, and material. Likewise, other synonyms for resource include aid, assistance, help, supply, and support. Still, there are countless other alternatives, including capacity, capability, power, and talent. Depending on the context in which the word resource is being used, some synonyms may be more fitting than others. Nevertheless, whether you're looking to convey the idea of abundance or availability, there will always be a synonym that can perfectly capture the concept of a resource.

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How to use "Resource" in context?

Resource is a word that has been used for centuries to describe anything that can help someone achieve a goal. Some common examples of resources are food, water, shelter, and money. In today's world, resources can also include information, technology, and people.

Any object or piece of information that can be used to help someone achieve a goal is a resource. For example, a book is a resource that can be used to learn new information. A computer is a resource that can be used to do a variety of tasks. Resources can also be people. For example, a teacher is a resource that can be used to learn new information.

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