What is another word for Vacuums?

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[ vˈakjuːmz], [ vˈakjuːmz], [ v_ˈa_k_j_uː_m_z]

Vacuums, also known as hoovers or dustbusters, are essential cleaning tools in every household. You can also refer to them as suction machines, vacuum cleaners, and suction cleaners. These machines suck dirt, dust, and debris using a motor that generates suction. Other synonyms include carpet sweepers, dust collectors, and dust removers. They come in various designs, including handheld vacuums, upright vacuums, and canister vacuums. There are also robotic vacuums that can operate automatically without human intervention. The technological advancements in the vacuum industry have made them more efficient in cleaning carpets, floors, and fabrics. In summary, vacuums or suction machines are crucial cleaning tools that aid in maintaining a healthy and safe environment.

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    Usage examples for Vacuums

    Slowly he became aware of two important Vacuums-one in time and one in his stomach.
    "Penrod and Sam"
    Booth Tarkington
    Air was sucked from the vault, from their ears and lungs by the shrieking Vacuums, burned through the cushion of atmosphere by the league-long lanes of electric fire....
    "She Buildeth Her House"
    Will Comfort
    The most renown'd poems would be ashes, orations and plays would be Vacuums.
    "Birds and Poets"
    John Burroughs

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