What is another word for ventriloquist's dummy?

Pronunciation: [vɛntɹˈɪləkwˌɪsts dˈʌmi] (IPA)

A ventriloquist's dummy is a prop commonly used by ventriloquists during their performances. There are many different synonyms for the ventriloquist's dummy, including puppet, figure, doll, marionette, mannequin, and automaton. Each of these words describes an inanimate object manipulated by the performer to create the illusion of a talking or moving character. The choice of word may depend on the specific style or type of the dummy used, as well as the context of the performance. Regardless of the word used, the ventriloquist's dummy is a crucial component of the ventriloquist's act, providing a way for them to bring their characters to life.

Synonyms for Ventriloquist's dummy:

What are the hypernyms for Ventriloquist's dummy?

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