What is another word for vocal music?

Pronunciation: [vˈə͡ʊkə͡l mjˈuːzɪk] (IPA)

Vocal music, also known as choral music or singing music, encompasses a wide variety of musical styles and genres. From classical and opera to folk and pop music, vocal music can be found in all cultures around the world. Synonyms for vocal music include choral music, singing music, vocal performance, vocalization, vocalism, chanting, and a cappella. Choral music specifically refers to music written for choir or vocal ensemble, while singing music is a broader term encompassing music performed by solo singers as well as groups. Vocal performance is a term often used in the context of stage performances, while vocalization and vocalism refer to the technique of using one's voice in a musical context. Chanting is a term commonly associated with religious or spiritual music, and a cappella refers to music performed without instrumental accompaniment.

What are the hypernyms for Vocal music?

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What are the hyponyms for Vocal music?

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Famous quotes with Vocal music

  • When I'm alone at home, I really prefer to listen to Wagner's orchestral music rather than any vocal music. I find it illuminating not to have to pay attention to voices in the recordings.
    Kiri Te Kanawa
  • "Third and finally, poetry originated as a form of vocal music. It began as a performative and auditory medium, linked to music and dance and associated with civic ceremony, religious ritual, and magic. (The earliest poetry almost certainly served a shamanistic function.) Most aboriginal cultures did not distinguish poetry from song because the arts were so interrelated as to be porous. Nor did the classical Greek or Chinese cultures two or three millennia ago differentiate poetry from song" (10).
    Dana Gioia

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