What is another word for hum?

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The word "hum" can be used in various contexts. It can refer to the sound created by insects buzzing around or the low sound produced by electrical equipment. To describe these sounds, alternative words like "buzz," "whirr," or "drone" can be used. "Murmur," "chant," "croon," and "warble" can be used to describe the sound of someone humming a tune. In the figurative sense, "hum" can mean to be in a state of activity, excitement, or creativity. In this context, synonyms like "vibrate," "pulsate," "buzzing," "thrilling," or "energetic" can be used. It is essential to choose the right synonym depending on the context of use to make the text more effective.

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    Hum, a common verb that means to make a continuous low sound, can have various antonyms. The antonyms for 'hum' are words that describe the opposite of a quiet, continuous sound. Some examples of antonyms for this word include silence, stillness, and calmness. Other possible antonyms for 'hum' could include words like quiet, hush, and tranquility. These words describe an absence of noise or a peaceful environment. It is also possible to use antonyms like cacophony, tumult, and chaos to describe situations where there is a lot of noise or confusion. Overall, antonyms for 'hum' can help us describe the different states of sound and silence in the world around us.

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    Usage examples for Hum

    You live your day and drain it; I weave my dream and lose it; But the red blood lost in me awakens still at times, At all your city's sky-line, At all your roaring market-place, At all its hum of power- And the poet dead within you stirs Still at the plaintive note or two Of a dreamer's plaintive song!
    "Open Water"
    Arthur Stringer
    He felt that the whole group was watching hum, and he knew that if he looked back and caught another glimpse of Fred De Garmo's sneering face he would feel compelled to strike it a blow.
    "Lonesome Land"
    B. M. Bower
    The sound he had heard was the splash of oars and the hum of voices, and in a few moments he saw a boat containing two men appear around a corner of the higher rock, which descended sheer to the water's edge, and make its way slowly toward the open bay.
    "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island"
    Cyril Burleigh

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