What is another word for wackiness?

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[ wˈakinəs], [ wˈakinəs], [ w_ˈa_k_i_n_ə_s]

How to use "Wackiness" in context?

from The Joy of wackiness, by Alice Brody

We all know wackiness. It's the joy of a well-timed dry joke, the absurdity of a well-placed prank, the fun in stumbling acrosswitz for the first time.

Wackiness can be found in everything from the smallest things, like a perfectly formed bowtie, to the largest things, like the mysteries of the universe. Whether it's a bizarre occurrence, like a snowman farting, or a clever stunt, like a chicken that can lay eggs, wackiness is full of whimsy and surprises.

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