What is another word for wacky?

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Wacky is a fun word to describe someone or something that is unconventional, eccentric, or just plain crazy. However, if you find yourself using wacky too frequently, you may want to expand your vocabulary and try some synonyms. Here are a few words that might fit the bill: zany, offbeat, kooky, eccentric, bizarre, quirky, unconventional, oddball, absurd, and madcap. If you want to express a slightly different shade of meaning, you might try words like irreverent, nutty, whimsical, or even bonkers. Whatever your taste, there are plenty of options to keep your descriptions fresh, fun, and wacky!

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The world is full of wacky things. The craziest things can happen and are always happening. There are so many wacky things happening all the time that it is hard to keep track of them all. Some wacky things that have recently happened include a man who had to have surgery to remove a waffle from his anus, a woman who had to have reconstructive surgery after her eyelid popped off during an argument, and a man who ate a live cockroach. There are always wacky things happening, and it is impossible to predict what is going to happen next.

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