What is another word for waken?

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"Waken", meaning to wake up from sleep, can be replaced with a variety of synonyms. Some commonly used synonyms include "awaken", "arouse", "rouse", "stir", and "rouse from sleep". "Stir up" and "bring to life" are informal alternatives. "Revive", "animate", "awaken to reality" and "come to life" are used when referring to restoring consciousness or alertness. "Stimulate", "activate", and "arouse from slumber" are also commonly used synonyms. Additionally, "put on your feet", "shake awake", and "rouse from a slumber" are more descriptive and figurative ways to replace "waken".

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    What does the word "waken" mean? The word "waken" means to arouse from a sleep or dull state of mind. To "waken" someone is to make them aware.

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