What is another word for deaden?

Pronunciation: [dˈɛdən] (IPA)

Deaden is a verb used to imply reducing or taking away the strength or intensity of something, be it sound, pain, or any other sensation. Synonyms of deaden include dull, blunt, dampen, numb, stifle, silence, and quell. Dull refers to taking away sharpness, making something less lively or stimulating. Blunt implies decreasing the force or impact of something, making it less intense. Dampen refers to reducing the strength and mood of something by making it less energetic. Numb refers to taking away the sensation of feeling, making something less sensitive or responsive. Stifle implies suppressing a feeling, something that diminishes its intensity. Silence means making something quiet or still, while quell is to bring to an end or suppress something.

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What are the hypernyms for Deaden?

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What are the opposite words for deaden?

Antonyms for the word "deaden" include "enliven," "stimulate," "energize," "revitalize," "awaken," "animate," "invigorate," "activate," "excite," and "rousing." While "deaden" implies a reduction in force or intensity, these antonyms suggest an increase in energy, intensity or activity. For example, to "enliven" something is to make it more interesting, animated or exciting. Similarly, to "stimulate" something means to cause it to become more active or aroused. In each of these cases, the antonyms reflect a positive approach to energizing and activating something or someone, rather than dulling it, as "deaden" suggests.

What are the antonyms for Deaden?

Usage examples for Deaden

But the greatest cruelty was in having the infants talked at in a droning voice for an hour by the chief executioner in a voice that would sometimes deaden, sometimes irritate their nervous systems, and in language they could not comprehend, about subjects entirely foreign to their experiences.
"Dickens As an Educator"
James L. (James Laughlin) Hughes
We need no new revelation from Heaven, we need no book to tell us, that it would be wrong for any one to darken our minds, to deaden our souls, to brutalize our affections.
"Slavery and the Constitution"
William Ingersoll Bowditch
You must deaden your perceptions and be unconscious of your will-power.
"The Song of Songs"
Hermann Sudermann

Famous quotes with Deaden

  • About the only other thing I'd want would be a wider neck. My fingers are so fat that sometimes I deaden the string next to the one I'm fretting.
    Terry Kath
  • To deaden yourself against any hurt is to deaden yourself also against the hurt of others.
    Max Lerner
  • Some on commission, some for the love of learning, Some because they have nothing better to do Or because they hope these walls of books will deaden The drumming of the demon in their ears.
    Louis MacNeice
  • I took opium but once — in the year of the plague, when doctors sought to deaden the agonies they could not cure. There was an overdose — my physician was worn out with horror and exertion — and I travelled very far indeed. In the end I returned and lived, but my nights are filled with strange memories, nor have I ever permitted a doctor to give me opium again.
    H. P. Lovecraft
  • It is only at first that pity, like morphine, is a solace to the invalid, a remedy, a drug, but unless you know the correct dosage and when to stop, it becomes a virulent poison. The first few injections do good, they soothe, they deaden the pain. But the devil of it is that the organism, the body, just like the soul, has an uncanny capacity for adaptation. Just as the nervous system cries out for more and more morphine, so do the emotions cry out for more and more pity, in the end more than one can give. Inevitably there comes a moment when one has to say 'no', and then one must not mind the other person's hating one more for this ultimate refusal than if one had never helped him at all. Yes, my dear Lieutenant, one has got to keep one's pity properly in check, or it does far more harm than any amount of indifference — we doctors know that, and so do judges and myrmidons of the law and pawn-brokers; if they were all to give way to their pity, this world of ours would stand still - a dangerous thing pity, a dangerous thing!
    Stefan Zweig

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