What is another word for wed?

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[ w_ˈɛ_d], [ wˈɛd], [ wˈɛd]

Synonyms for Wed:

eastern poison oak (adjective) joined (adjective) attach (verb) include (verb) join (verb) marry (verb) coalesce combine eastern poison oak get married intermingle
  • throw in with.
join marry Other synonyms: tie unify

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Rhymes for Wed:

  1. said, sled, shed, head, shred, redd, unread, thread, sped, read, med, unwed, spread, unsaid, tread, bred, led, dread, retread, bread, stead, zed, ted, fed, lead, fled, ed, widespread, bed, dead, red;
  2. purebred, imbed, instead, embed, misled, behead, ahead;
  3. interbred, thoroughbred, infrared, overfed, overhead;

Quotes for Wed:

  1. In the '20s they were telling us wed all have our own private plane and take vacations to the moon. Jay Chiat.
  2. O month when they who love must love and wed Helen Hunt Jackson.
  3. The trouble with wedlock is that there's not enough wed and too much lock. Christopher Morley.