What is another word for unitary?

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Unitary is an adjective that means characterized by or constituting a single, homogeneous entity or system. Some synonyms for unitary include indivisible, solidary, singular, one-piece, and consolidated. These words imply the existence of a single entity that is whole and complete, without any divisions or breaks. Other synonyms for unitary include unified, integrated, centralized, and harmonious. These words emphasize the idea of bringing together separate parts to form a cohesive whole, such as a centralized government or a harmonious society. Overall, these synonyms convey the concept of unity and singularity, suggesting a sense of strength and coherence.

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How to use "Unitary" in context?

The concept of a "unitary" financial system is one that many people find confusing. A unitary financial system is one in which there is only one financial institution responsible for all the financial transactions in a given area. This system is often seen as more efficient than the current system, in which there are many different financial institutions responsible for different transactions.

There are a number of benefits to a unitary system. For one, it would be much more efficient. Under the current system, financial institutions have to process transactions from a variety of different banks, which can lead to delays and increased costs.

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