What is another word for wherefrom?

Pronunciation: [wˈe͡əfɹɒm] (IPA)

Wherefrom is a synonym for "from where" and is often used in formal writing. However, there are several other synonyms that could be used in place of wherefrom. Some of these include whence, from which, from whom, originating from, stemming from, and deriving from. Whence is a formal and archaic synonym that is used to indicate the source or origin of something. From which is a more common alternative that is used to indicate the source or origin of something or someone. From whom is used to indicate the origin of a person or group of people. By using these synonyms, you can make your writing more diverse and interesting.

Synonyms for Wherefrom:

What are the hypernyms for Wherefrom?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Usage examples for Wherefrom

As he alighted, came a monk, and prayed him to go see a tomb in the churchyard, wherefrom came such a great and hideous noise, that none could hear it but they went nigh mad, or lost all strength.
"The Legends Of King Arthur And His Knights"
James Knowles
Then came forth other angels also-two bearing burning candles, and the third a towel, and the fourth a spear which bled marvellously, the drops wherefrom fell into a box he held in his left hand.
"The Legends Of King Arthur And His Knights"
James Knowles
But the glory of the place Stood out a pillar'd front of burnish'd gold Interminably high, if gold it were Or metal more ethereal, and beneath Two doors of blinding brilliance, where no gaze Might rest, stood open, and the eye could scan Through length of porch and lake and boundless hall, Part of a throne of fiery flame, wherefrom The snowy skirting of a garment hung, And glimpse of multitudes of multitudes That minister'd around it-if I saw These things distinctly, for my human brain Stagger'd beneath the vision, and thick night Came down upon my eyelids, and I fell.
"The Suppressed Poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson"
Alfred Lord Tennyson

Famous quotes with Wherefrom

  • Tis not need we know our every thought or see the work shop where each mask is wrought wherefrom we view the world of box and pit, careless of wear, just so the mask shall fit and serve our jape's turn for a night or two.
    Ezra Pound
  • The heating system was a farce, depending as it did on registers in the floor wherefrom the tepid exhalations of a throbbing and groaning basement furnace were transmitted to the rooms with the faintness of a moribund's last breath.
    Vladimir Nabokov

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