What is another word for whorl?

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Whorl is a term used to describe the pattern of a spiral or circular shape, particularly in regards to the growth pattern of hair or the markings on a shell. Synonyms for whorl might include spiral, coil, turn, twist, curl, swirl, loop, or vortex. Each of these words still captures the idea of a circular or spiraling shape, but may be used to describe different levels of complexity or movement. For example, a coil may be a tighter, more condensed shape than a swirl or vortex, while a twist might imply a more abrupt change in direction. By exploring different synonyms for whorl, writers can add interest and variety to their descriptions and imagery.

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How to use "Whorl" in context?

Whorls are a common form found in the shape and structure of many organic and inorganic objects. Whorls can be seen as a type of spiral. Spirals are found all around us, in everything from the patterns on seashells to the spiral staircases in many homes. Whorls have been used by scientists and artists for centuries to create beautiful works of art. Whorls can be found in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and can be found in bothorganic and organic materials.

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