What is another word for whorled?

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[ wˈɔːld], [ wˈɔːld], [ w_ˈɔː_l_d]

Whorled is a word that refers to something that is spiral, coiled, or arranged in a circular pattern. It can be used to describe the arrangement of leaves, flowers, or other plant parts. Some synonyms for whorled include spiraled, coiled, helical, twisted, or corkscrew-shaped. These terms all convey a similar sense of something that has been wound around a central axis or arranged in a circular fashion. Other words that might be used in place of whorled include convoluted, labyrinthine, or snakelike, which suggest a more complex or intricate pattern. Overall, whorled is a useful term for describing any type of spiral or circular arrangement.

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    How to use "Whorled" in context?

    Whorled is a fun word to say and a beautiful flower to see. To create a whorled design, a gardener plants multiple seedlings along a stem in a circular or spiral pattern. Whorled designs are seen in gardens, landscape design, and natural landscapes.

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