What is another word for Wild Bill Hickok?

Pronunciation: [wˈa͡ɪld bˈɪl hˈɪkɒk] (IPA)

Wild Bill Hickok, a legendary figure from the Old West, was known by various synonyms reflecting his daring and intrepid persona. Revered as a fearless lawman, he was often referred to as "James Butler Hickok", his birth name. However, his gun-slinging exploits earned him several synonyms that encapsulated his wild nature. Some referred to him as "Wild William Hickok" due to his audacious and unpredictable temperament. Others called him "Deadwood Dick" for his time spent in the notorious town of Deadwood, South Dakota. Additionally, his sharpshooting skills led to monikers such as "Sure Shot Hickok" and "Pistol Pete Hickok". Wild Bill Hickok's aliases epitomized the captivating and untamed spirit that defined the era of the Wild West.