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The word sleek can be defined as something that is smooth, glossy, and shiny in appearance. Synonyms of sleek include polished, refined, elegant, sophisticated, and suave. These words are often used to describe modern and luxurious objects such as cars, furniture, and even clothing. Additional synonyms related to sleek are streamlined, aerodynamic, and lustrous. These terms are frequently used when describing objects such as cars or architecture, that are designed to be efficient, fast, and aesthetically pleasing. Overall, sleek is a versatile word with many synonyms that can describe a wide range of stylish, smooth, and attractive objects.

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How to use "Sleek" in context?

Sleek or sleek design is a style of displaying information and content on the internet, typically through a web browser window, for the purpose of reducing user interface clutter. The style typically emphasizes a minimal design, using a limited color palette, and a large typeface or a series of large typefaces.

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