What is another word for cultivated?

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Cultivated is a word used to describe something that has been refined or developed through education or training. However, there are several synonyms for cultivated that can be used depending on the context and desired meaning. One synonym could be cultured, which implies refinement, elegance, and sophistication. Another possible synonym is polished, which suggests a refinement and the development of skills or abilities to a high level of excellence. Other synonyms include refined, educated, civilized, sophisticated, learned, and well-bred. When used correctly, these synonyms offer a richer and more descriptive range of possibilities to express the idea of cultivation.

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How to use "Cultivated" in context?

The word "cultivated" has a few different meanings. In general, it can mean to work hard at something, especially over a period of time. It can also mean to care for something carefully, usually with the intention of making it stronger. Finally, it can mean to often engage in specific behavior or attitudes, in order to attract an admired or desired group.

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