What is another word for wonky?

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[ wˈɒnki], [ wˈɒnki], [ w_ˈɒ_n_k_i]

The word 'wonky' typically refers to something that is off-kilter, unstable, askew, or crooked. However, there are several synonyms to describe this state - wobbly, shaky, unsteady, shaky, rickety, unstable, dicky, uneven, lopsided, slanted, skewed, askew, off-center, unbalanced, cockeyed, tilted, twisted, contorted or malformed. Some of these words have a more negative connotation, such as 'twisted' and 'contorted', whereas others may imply only a minor deviation from the norm, like 'askew' or 'slanted'. Whatever the degree of wobbliness, there will be a synonym to help you describe it accurately.

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    How to use "Wonky" in context?

    Everyone has something unique about them, something that makes them stand out from the crowd. For some, it's their sense of humor. For others, it might be their talent for music or art. But for some people, their wonky features are what make them different.

    People who are considered 'wonky' can often be quite charming. They're often full of surprises and quirks, which can make them seem unpredictable and fun. And, in truth, that's often what makes them so special.

    There's something about the wonky that makes us all stand out.

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