What is another word for wont wash?

Pronunciation: [wˈɒnt wˈɒʃ] (IPA)

"Wont wash" is a phrase often used to describe an excuse or explanation that doesn't hold up under scrutiny. Synonyms for this phrase include "unconvincing," "implausible," "weak," "lame," "feeble," and "inadequate." These words all suggest that the explanation being offered is insufficient or incomplete, and that the person making the excuse is failing to address the real issue at hand. By using synonyms for "wont wash," we can more accurately describe situations in which people are trying to avoid responsibility or accountability, and challenge them to provide more meaningful responses to the problems they face.

What are the opposite words for wont wash?

The phrase "wont wash" is an idiom that means something is not acceptable or believable. Some antonyms for this phrase include "credible," "plausible," "reasonable," "believable," and "convincing." These words refer to something that is regarded as trustworthy, reliable and acceptable. Conversely, antonyms for "wont wash" also include "invalid," "implausible," "unreasonable," "incredible," and "unbelievable." These words describe a situation or argument that lacks credibility or fails to present convincing evidence. By using appropriate antonyms, we can accurately communicate our thoughts and opinions on a subject and convey our stance on whether a situation or idea is likely or unlikely to be factual.

What are the antonyms for Wont wash?

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