What is another word for woodpecker?

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A woodpecker is a bird that is well-known for its pecking behavior. However, there are various synonyms that you can use to refer to this bird. Some of these synonyms include the flicker, sapsucker, tree-knocker, and sap-sipper. Flickers are large woodpeckers with a spotted breast and red shaft feathers on their wings. Sapsuckers are similar to woodpeckers, but they are smaller and tend to drink tree sap. On the other hand, the tree-knocker and the sap-sipper are simply descriptive terms that are often used interchangeably with woodpecker. No matter which synonym you choose to use, these birds are a fascinating and important part of the ecosystem.

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    The woodpecker is a small, rectilinear bird that has a strongly hooked bill and a long tail. Woodpeckers are found in temperate and subtropical parts of the world.

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