What is another word for woodman?

Pronunciation: [wˈʊdmən] (IPA)

A woodman is someone who works in the forestry or lumber industry, usually cutting down trees and preparing them for commercial use. However, there are many other terms that can be used to refer to a woodman. These include logger, lumberjack, tree cutter, timber harvester, and wood cutter. Depending on the specific tasks performed by the individual, other terms may also be appropriate, such as sawyer (a person who saws wood) or arborist (a professional who cares for and maintains trees). No matter the term used, those who work in the forestry industry are essential for providing the raw materials needed for a variety of products.

What are the hypernyms for Woodman?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the hyponyms for Woodman?

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  • hyponyms for woodman (as nouns)

Usage examples for Woodman

They had talked to him-father, mother, brothers, and sisters-using every argument they could find or invent to move him, until it was day and time for the woodman to go to his woods, and the others to their several occupations.
"Afoot in England"
W.H. Hudson
A fresh wonder came to light when I found that this poor woodman, with so large a family to support, who spent ten or twelve hours every day at his outdoor work, had yet been able out of his small earnings to buy bricks and other materials, and, assisted by his sons, to build a chapel adjoining his house.
"Afoot in England"
W.H. Hudson
Only a woodman, but he might have come of one of the oldest and best families in the country, if there is any connection between good blood and fine features and a noble expression.
"Afoot in England"
W.H. Hudson

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