What is another word for xanthemia?

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[ zanθˈiːmi͡ə], [ zanθˈiːmi‍ə], [ z_a_n_θ_ˈiː_m_iə]

Xanthemia is a medical condition characterized by an excess of yellow pigment in the blood. It is often associated with liver or blood disorders. In medical terminology, xanthemia is also known as jaundice or icterus. However, there are also other less common synonyms for this condition, such as icterosis, jaundinism, or cholemia. These terms refer to the same condition, and they are often used interchangeably in medical literature. Xanthemia can be caused by various factors, including alcohol abuse, hepatitis, or anemia. Treatment usually involves identifying and addressing the underlying cause of the condition and managing the symptoms to prevent complications.

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