What is another word for xylocopa?

Pronunciation: [zˌa͡ɪləkˈə͡ʊpə] (IPA)

Xylocopa is a scientific name for a genus of large, solitary bees commonly known as carpenter bees. While the name "xylocopa" is derived from the Greek words "xylo," meaning wood, and "cops," meaning cutter, there are several synonyms used to refer to these buzzing insects. One synonym is the longhorn bee, which comes from the long antennae found on the males. Another is the wood-boring bee, as the females tunnel into wood to create their nests. Lastly, some refer to them as the carpenter ant bee due to their similar appearance and wood-boring behavior. Regardless of what name they go by, these pollinators play a crucial role in maintaining forests and ecosystems.

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Usage examples for Xylocopa

In Anthophora retusa the male is of a rich fulvous-brown, whilst the female is quite black: so are the females of several species of xylocopa, the males being bright yellow.
"The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex, Vol. I (1st edition)"
Charles Darwin

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