What is another word for yahwehs?

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[ jˈɑːwe͡ɪz], [ jˈɑːwe‍ɪz], [ j_ˈɑː_w_eɪ_z]

Yahweh, sometimes spelled Yahwe, is a name for the God of Israel that occurs in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). The term Yahweh is a name for God. In the English language, synonyms for Yahweh would be "Lord," "God," or "Jehovah." Some other synonyms for Yahweh are "Adonai," "El Shaddai," "Elohim," and "The Almighty." These names are used to describe the character of God and his supremacy over all creation. In various religions, other names may be used to refer to the same divine being, such as Allah in Islam and Brahman in Hinduism.

How to use "Yahwehs" in context?

1. yahwehs are a deity in the Hebrew Bible. 2. Yahwehs are the God of the Israelites. 3. Yahwehs is the one true God. 4. Yahwehs promises boundless blessings. 5. Yahwehs is the God of history. 6. Yahwehs is the God of the present. 7. Yahwehs is the God of the future. 8. Yahwehs is the God of justice. 9. Yahwehs is the God of holiness. 10. Yahwehs is the God of covenant. 11. Yahwehs is the God of redemption. 12.

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