What is another word for yaws?

Pronunciation: [jˈɔːz] (IPA)

Yaws is a bacterial infection that affects the skin, bones, and joints. It is most commonly found in tropical regions and is caused by the Treponema pallidum subsp. pertenue bacterium. There are several synonyms for yaws, including Framboesia tropica, Thai or Tonkin wart, and granuloma tropicum. The symptoms of yaws can vary from mild skin lesions to more severe and debilitating bone and joint deformities. Treatment typically involves a course of antibiotics, such as penicillin or azithromycin. Prevention of yaws includes practicing good hygiene, wearing protective clothing in areas with high prevalence, and administering mass antibiotic treatments in affected communities.

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What are the hypernyms for Yaws?

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Usage examples for Yaws

A tincture of rusty red hovered like smoke coloured by the furnace that produces it, in the west, but the night had drawn down quick and dark; the washing noise of the water was sharp, the wind piercingly cold; each sweep of the schooner's masts to windward was followed by a dull roaring of the blast rushing out of the hollows of the canvas, and she swung to the seas with wild yaws, but with regularity sufficient to prove the strict government of the helm.
"The Frozen Pirate"
W. Clark Russell
I told you my name was Bill, not Bibby; and I never yaws from my course, although I heaves to sometimes, as I do now, to take in provisions."
"The Pacha of Many Tales"
Captain Frederick Marryat
"He yaws broadly, as if disposed to give up the search.
"The Water-Witch or, The Skimmer of the Seas"
James Fenimore Cooper

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