What is another word for yellow water lily?

Pronunciation: [jˈɛlə͡ʊ wˈɔːtə lˈɪli] (IPA)

The yellow water lily is a beautiful aquatic plant that can be spotted in quiet ponds and lakes. Also known as Nuphar lutea, it's commonly referred to as "brandy bottle" due to its distinctive shape. In addition, it's also called "spatterdock" because it can often be seen floating on the surface of the water. Another synonym for this species is "cow lily," as it provides shelter and food for grazing animals. Finally, the yellow water lily is sometimes referred to as "water poppy" due to its vibrant petals, which evoke the image of a blooming poppy. Despite the many names given to it, the yellow water lily remains a symbol of serenity and beauty in nature.

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